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Let me freeze this moment in time for you.

You've spent 40 weeks growing this tiny human (that's 280 days, or 6720 hours, or 403,200 minutes, waiting to meet them!). And once you do, you realize that they're only this small and squishy for such a short time (I know, it's really NOT fair!).
So while I can't offer cryogenically freezing them as a newborn forever, what I can offer is the preservation of what they looked like in those first few weeks.

Then I turn those images into beautiful, unique heirloom pieces (which I've curated from professional print labs around the globe) so they don't end up lost on your hard-drive or in the shuffle of your Facebook memories, but rather as tangible, meaningful works of art that will give you all the feels, even as you watch them start their own lives decades later (and ask yourself how it all happened so fast!). 

Simple: Baby's portraits are done on my newborn posing stand, with a variety of poses on backdrop colors of your choice (with matching swaddle for wrapped poses, and sweet lovies or headbands in those tushy-up, naked poses that show off baby's fresh skin and rolls. 

Creative: I've done everything from Harry Potter to Star Wars. During our conversation at your consultation, we'll discuss any special requests, favorite football teams, intense hobbies your husband has... anything that might make your Creative Setups uniquely yours. 
This style also includes baby-in-basket, baby-in-bucket, baby-in-whatever catches your eye in my Prop Collection! (Don't worry, I've been trained in posing safety and have props to assist me in doing so.)

Baby's Portraits

Newborn sessions will typically start with photos with mom & dad, and big brother or sister (if this isn't your first rodeo!) This will include baby's first family portrait, as well as individual combinations with mom, dad, and siblings (I also love photographing your pets in these sessions--pets are welcome in the studio, but sometimes this option is better-suited for in-home sessions. 

family & siblings

Does the idea of packing up baby and all her stuff and heading out just a few days after getting home from the hospital to go to a photo studio seem unheard of to you? Girl, I get it, which is exactly why I offer in-home newborn sessions. I'll be the one packing my stuff to "bring the studio to you", offering the full creative session for you, without even having to leave your house (additional fee of $150 to cover cost of travel & setup in your home).



If you're looking for a photographer that comes to your home, this is an ideal option for you. My studio is essentially portable, and most everything can be set up for at-home newborn photography with a studio-look! 

In-Home Newborn Photography Options
  • a Lifestyle session (no props, posing; essentially a "family session" in your home)
  • a Creative Session, which combines lifestyle photos & a "studio" look with props & posing (includes additional fee for travel & equipment setup in your home).


Studio Newborn Photography Options
  • a baby-only mini session
  • a full Creative Session with just baby
  • a full Creative/Portrait session with baby & family

Because these photos truly are once-in-a-lifetime, it's important that they're absolutely perfect. What does that mean to you? Do they include the whole family? Are they done in the convenience of your own home?

Your experience begins with a consultation, where we get to know each other and discuss your session (including a tour of the studio, props, wraps, and all the extras I offer to help create top-notch images of you and your baby--like my Client Closet available for moms and big sisters, or the hair and makeup option so you don't have to stress about getting ready on picture day). After our meeting, I'll customize your setups based on your preferences and have them ready to go when you arrive for your session (and don't worry, I'll also give you a guide with all the details and tips to prepare!)

Deposit/Session fee: $300 to book; will be applied to your Newborn Collection of choice.
Clients typically invest $1500-2000+ in their personalized experience, including a pre-session consultation, the session itself, post-session viewing & ordering appointment, edited digital images, and beautifully crafted artwork to commemorate & cherish your brand new baby! 

Your experience

Your investment

View an entire in-home Newborn Session in Johns Creek, GA

View an entire in-home Lifestyle Newborn Session here

When you genuinely love what you do, you work harder at it and end up with amazing results. I whole-heartedly LOVE working with newborns—their sweet, fresh smell; their precious, tiny noises, and knowing I get to be the first professional photographer to capture portraits of them—so I’ve dedicated my career to learning and mastering the art of newborn photography.

I’ve been trained in posing & safety by one of the world’s best newborn photographers, Ana Brandt; and I’ve built my collection of props and fabrics from industry leaders who specialize in creating products just for your tiny human—from newborn-specific posing equipment, to bowls that are crafted in a size that perfectly fits a newborn baby, and blankets & wraps that are gentle on baby’s skin. So while your new-mom mind might constantly be racing about all the baby concerns, your photography experience shouldn’t be one of them, so know that you’re in good hands because I truly care about the safety and well-being of your baby and your family. 

Why choose Karina?

"Karina is a Master at her Craft. She is a gentle loving "Baby Whisperer" and she creates heirloom works of art. She is soooo patient and works incredibly hard with attention to each detail. Watch her in action and you will be amazed as well!."

— Ann;
maternity, newborn and milestone client


> What age do you do newborn photos?

I want my new mamas to have all of the information they need when considering me as their newborn photographer. Here is a list of my most commonly asked questions.

With nearly 7 years of newborn photography experience, I've actually found a preference of somewhere between 1-2 weeks old, and have also gotten great results with babies up to a month old. Within that time frame, baby is usually eating a bit more, so can stay fuller (and sleep longer ;) ! ) during the session; they've also typically lost their umbilical cord stump by this point, which makes posing much more comfortable for them. 

As you search for the perfect newborn photographer, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost should be the photographer's experience and emphasis on baby safety. Your little one is delicate, and should only be put into poses that are safe, using special training methods to protect them. 
Also consider the photographer's style and how it meshes with your own personal taste. Do you prefer a studio look with lots of props and intricate posing? Or do you prefer a more natural look, possibly doing your newborn photos at home? Do you prefer neutral tones, bright and airy edits, or vibrant color palettes? Look at a photographer's Instagram/website/portfolio and notice how their images make you FEEL. This is an investment (and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these photos), so you should feel confident even before your session that you will love your photos. 

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