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The photography experience you weren't expecting...

You and your baby deserve the best in newborn photography. From planning & customizing your experience, to choosing the perfect images & products to remember this amazing milestone in your life, relax knowing you've found an experienced photographer that's passionate about growing with you and your family. 

EVERY FAMILY IS UNIQUE. Including yours. Maybe you have one child. Maybe your child is your fur-baby. Whatever it is that makes your family special to you, whatever it is about them in this moment that you want to capture and remember always, we'll chat about that in our first conversation so I can customize your session to get the best of everyone and get exactly what it is that will make your heart happy.

You worked hard to get here (maybe harder than you ever imagined possible!), and pregnancy is more than the birth of your baby, it's also about your birth as a mother.
Your pregnancy is so special--so let's work together to create something beautiful--one that that starts the story of your journey into motherhood.  

behind the lens.

I feel that when you genuinely love what you do, you work harder at it and end up with amazing results. I truly & whole-heartedly LOVE taking pictures. And I love working with newborns—their sweet, fresh smell; their precious, tiny noises—and I’ve dedicated my career to learning the art of newborn photography. 

I’ve been trained in posing & safety by one of the world’s best newborn photographers, Ana Brandt; and I’ve built my collection of props and fabrics from industry leaders who specialize in creating products just for your tiny human—from newborn-specific posing equipment, to bowls that are crafted in a size that perfectly fits a newborn baby, and blankets & wraps that are gentle on baby’s skin. So while your new-mom mind might constantly be racing about all the baby concerns, your photography experience shouldn’t be one of them, so know that you’re in good hands because I truly care about the safety and well-being of your baby and your family. 

My philosophy.

As a mom, I understand wanting to freeze moments in time to remember my babies, just as they are, forever. 

As a photographer, i understand the value of capturing those moments and memories for you—after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

As a “mom-tographer” I’m committed to bringing those moments out in your photo session, and giving you those memories to keep forever, as physical tokens from our time together—breathtaking heirloom products that are guaranteed to last for generations, because of their amazing quality, and because they are worthy—YOUR memories are WORTHY—of being passed down for years to come.

Hi, I'm karina.

As a mom, I understand wanting to freeze moments in time to remember my babies, just as they are, forever. 

I also know how special-yet-stressful it is to have photos taken to preserve these fleeting moments with your littles--so I'll provide a seamless experience from our first phone call to the final delivery of your images--so you have nothing to sweat. 

As a photographer, I understand the value of capturing your moments and memories for you in physical form—after all, a picture is worth the thousand words you can't seem to find to describe your love for them.

beyond the lens.

As a hard-working entrepreneur and mama, I value every dollar I spend. Likewise, I want you to value every dollar you spend with me. 

So instead of just showing up on picture day, meeting you for the first time in a field somewhere to snap some photos of your family, I provide an experience from the first time we talk!

I love starting our journey with a chat, either over the phone or in the studio, to find out what having your photos done means to you. What is it you're trying to capture? What about your family do you want to remember 10, 20 years down the line? We'll also discuss wardrobe, hair & makeup options, so you can feel prepared to look & feel your best and love each photo when you see them!

And I want you to enjoy these memories forever, with breathtaking heirloom products that are guaranteed to last for generations, because of their amazing quality, and because they are worthy—YOUR memories are WORTHY—of being passed down for generations to come.

the  extras

In preparing for your session, we'll discuss wardrobe, look through my Client Closet for anything you might love to try, and how to coordinate outfits for the whole family --starting with yours first, mama!

I also offer hair & makeup as an upgrade for any session I offer to make it convenient for you to get ready and look your best--because I'm guessing you rarely are in front of the camera, so you deserve to love the way you look in these special keepsakes!)

Where to find us!

You absolutely cannot go wrong with choosing Karina!

Her passion for photography really shows through her gentle touch with newborns. The way she was able to capture my family’s raw moments and bring them to such a beautiful light is something I will forever cherish.

-Katie, maternity & newborn client

love notes


"Shooting with Karina is like getting together with an old friend (and I only met her this week!) ... I felt so comfortable & relaxed!"

-Merideth, maternity client

She is seriously a baby-whisperer!

Worth every penny, and we will treasure the pictures forever!

-Rebekah, newborn client

I truly believe
it was
that brought us
together for this
special moment.

"Karina was there to capture all of the tender moments which are often missed during delivery"

-Kim, birth client

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