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This is Jalen. Six months ago, he was living on the streets. Something he and I both have in common?—we recently discovered an amazing nonprofit called Hope Thru Soap. Their mission is to help needs like hygiene and hunger in homeless populations around Atlanta.

Additionally, their CEO Megan works tirelessly to help homeless young adults with housing, getting through (or back into) school, and finding a purpose in life by tapping into their interests and dreams.

Jalen wants to be a model & actor (among other big dreams, like owning a bunch of land where he can grow crops & raise animals, so he can live off his land). When Megan learned this, she started the process with him of doing the groundwork to make that happen. Within 48 hours of them figuring out Jalen would need headshots, I almost literally fell into their laps.

{Enter “God Moment”}

Y’all. Remember just last week I talked about opening up to the universe so the universe can open up for you? And a subsequent post about wanting to “think outside the box” and do more creative things this year? That was the same day I was later introduced to Megan through my husband, whose plumbing business (@trueplumbingatl) is next-door neighbors with Hope Thru Soap. I happened to be doing company headshots for True, and my husband went over to ask Megan about borrowing a leaf-blower to clean up the area we were doing team photos. They got to chatting about me being a photographer, and he gave her my number to reach out about doing Jalen’s headshots.

The universe was literally answering all my needs. And of course, I wasn’t just going to snap a few photos of him in the studio—we needed to think bigger, more creative. I’d always wanted to do some creative stuff in the city, and what better opportunity than this?! 

february 14, 2023

In these days of social media, and a market saturated (really, over-saturated) with photographers, I spend a LOT of time trying to figure out “what works”. Not necessarily in the way of photography technique or newborn posing or how to create reels on Instagram… but WHAT SELLS. What attracts people and gains clients. And most of the big photography educators agree on one thing: BE YOURSELF. Be real, not just some mystery figure behind a wall of posts featuring your best work. And I’ve found some truth in that over the years, as some of my “most liked” posts are not the cutest naked babies, or the ones that have the best lighting… but rather, the ones where I share about my own life, my kids, being a mama. And along the way, I’ve been able to answer a question that really stumped me when I first started developing my business: “What is your brand?” My brand? What the heck does that mean?! I’ve learned that your BRAND is YOU. It’s not just your “shooting style” or your “editing style”… it’s your true personality, it’s how you relate to others, it’s being identifiable as a real person. It’s what makes a potential client become YOUR client, because they choose you—above all the rest—for SOME REASON.

And so for that, I’m going to open up and be a little vulnerable here. 

I hear it a lot (in many ways, in many words, and in not-so-many words)… “Why is photography so expensive? I had no idea it was THAT expensive!” (And inasmuch, the comments like “I only need a few pictures”, or “I don’t need prints, just the digitals”, or “Can I just get a mini session?”… do you know how many $200 mini sessions I’d have to do just to cover my cost of doing business each month? There aren’t enough hours in a day to make that happen, no matter how hard I tried or how much I worked—and my husband will attest that there definitely are seasons where I run myself ragged cranking out photos at all hours of the night). The truth of the matter is, it all takes TIME, TALENT, and EXPERIENCE to deliver even “just a few” great images. 

I promise you, I’m not trying to make a fortune off of taking your pictures. I don’t want to break your bank, and I most assuredly don’t want your arm and leg. 

In developing my business, I’ve spent A TON of time calculating (and recalculating) my COST OF DOING BUSINESS, and that’s how I’ve determined my pricing (and in my calculations, as I’ve adjusted my price over the years, I often neglect figures like “savings” or “discretionary income”… because I don’t want to be greedy doing a job that I truly love so much. But the fact is, LIFE IS EXPENSIVE. Running a business is EXPENSIVE. And trust me, I’m not saying this to complain, because I LOVE my business. I love my job, I love my clients, I love capturing moments that become memories for people who appreciate the VALUE of those memories. But I’ve had to make space for this all to happen; I send my kiddos to daycare so I can run my business (which not only means the hefty tuition bill, but also the lost hours I don’t get to spend with them while doing so); I contribute to living expenses (which, as we’re all extremely privy to these days, has gotten exponentially higher than it was 5, 10 years ago); not to mention, the rent, the equipment, the “stuff” that helps me create a professional-yet-amazing experience for you. {I got a text the other day, randomly and out of the blue, from a newborn client I worked with last month that said “Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you again for making the photo session super easy and relaxing. We enjoyed working with you and love all the photos! Will certainly reach out in the future 😊”… and I cannot tell you enough how much that meant. In a way, it validates every ounce of blood, sweat, tears (and dollars) I’ve put into making it all happen.}

Phew… that was uncomfortable to expose, and yet if you’ve come this far in this post, I know you are the real “fans”, my biggest supporters, the ones who want to see me keep going. And I’ll tell you, right about now, as I was driven to write all of this, I’ve questioned most of what I’m doing and scared as hell about the endeavor I’ve taken on with my lease at the studio. But I believe that when you make space for something, and when you open your vulnerability, the UNIVERSE MAKES SPACE FOR YOU. (I learned that once in a yoga practice, and have found that every time I open up to the universe, I get a little something that I need to keep going. Many of YOU have been that “little something”, and I am so very grateful to the universe and to you for that.) 


Why is photography so expensive?!

february 5, 2023

WOW. Can you believe how much can change in a year?

This time last year I was doing photoshoots in my basement (as I've done for years, since I launched my business full-time in 2018). But I always dreamed of having a "real" studio, in a space outside my home.

Now here I am IN THAT SPACE. It didn't happen overnight. It was hard, it was messy, and many many (many, many, many) times I wanted to walk away. But my soul knew I HAD to follow my dream, and the harder it got, the more I wanted it. And I've learned SO much about opening a business space, and DIY (did I mention I cut and hung all the drop-ceiling tiles in here?!).

Phew--it feels good to finally be in and taking pictures here. There's still some work to be done, but I'm learning it's all a process. Everything is possible when you put in the work!

What’s changed for you this year? How have you worked towards your dream?

believe in the power of your dreams

february 3, 2023

As a professional photographer, I'm always amazed by the power of editing to transform a photo from good to WOW. And I want to show you just how incredible it can be with this "before and after" post. Just look at the difference a little editing makes! The colors are more vibrant, the composition is improved, and the overall look and feel of the photo is elevated. It's simply amazing.

But let's be real, if you're not a photographer yourself, you might not fully appreciate the amount of work that goes into getting "the perfect shot". That's where I come in! With my expertise and skills, I can help you capture stunning photos that will capture those special family moments . And with a little bit of editing magic, I can take your photos to the next level 😉

So whether you need beautiful images for your personal brand, a special event, or just some gorgeous shots for your social media feed, I'm here to help you look and feel your best. Just send me a message and let's make it happen!

Thanks for following, and I can't wait to work with you and bring your vision to life.

Cheers, Karina 😘

P.S. If you found this post helpful or informative, be sure to share it with your friends and followers! Sharing valuable content is a great way to build engagement and increase your reach on social media. Plus, it's just nice to spread a little joy and inspiration. :)

#alpharettafamilyphotographer #johnscreekfamilyphotographer #roswellfamilyphotographer

before & after: editing brings emotion

february 1, 2023



I’m in so many “mom groups” on Facebook, and it seems like every week I see a post from an expectant mama asking “what should I pack in my hospital bag?” Even though I’m someone who is always prepared, I must say I’ve seen a LOT of ideas even I didn’t think of in either of my 2 birth experiences 😂 And as I'm committed to be a mom who supports moms, I wanted to pass some of those along to you! (in no particular order):

Sound machine. Hospitals can be pretty noisy any time of day, and considering you'll be sneaking in sleep whenever you can, you'll want to drown out that noise

Boppy. This will be your best breast-feeding friend, so learn to use it right from the beginning

Your own pillow (put it in a colorful pillowcase, so you remember its yours when you're packing up to leave. Trust me from my own experience 🤦‍♀️

An extra bag to pack swipe all those swaddles/diapers/creams that you get while there! They constantly replenish (and it’s free!)

Depends underwear. So much better then the huge pads and mesh underwear!

Battery powered candles for night nursing



Extra blanket

Roku or FireStick

Eye mask

Fuzzy socks with grips

Baby book. Usually there's a page for baby's hand and foot prints, so they can stamp it right in the book just after birth.

What to pack in your hospital bag
(for expectant mamas)

July 28, 2021

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